Friday, 13 September 2013

Links I'm Loving

Hi everyone,

Here are some links I'm loving this week.

Enjoy xox

rainymood - so calm and relaxing, perfect to fall asleep to if you like the sound of rain and thunderstorms while you rest. The site also suggests new music every day to listen to alongside the rain track.

fmylife - I'm sure you've looked at this site, or at least heard of it. It's my go-to when I'm seriously bored at work. I just make the window small and drag it off to the side of my screen next to my email outlook so it looks like I'm still doing work (Hehe.)

catandmeringue - this is just an adorable comic. I actually found this through a fundraising site like kickstarter or indiegogo (I can't remember remember which one) and I fell in love with how silly and cute it is.

pinterest - obviously. I am so obsessed with this site. There's pretty pictures, recipes, handy DIY's, inspiration from every angle. It's just amazing. If you want to follow me, go here : ) Let me know you came from my blog, and I'll follow you back.

blog.modcloth - helpful DIY tips and all things beauty! There are some really cute ideas.

8tracks - an easy-to-use website where you can create music playlists and listen to everybody else's. It's an incredible way to find new music you haven't heard. I haven't made a playlist yet, but I'm thinking about turning it into a series here. If you'd like to follow me, here's the link


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