Thursday, 26 September 2013

Inspiration Thursdays

If you read my last update, you'll know that I was house-sitting my sister's house which didn't have the internet! Therefore I missed out on last Thursday's inspiration post, so my deepest apologies! Go make yourself a cup of tea (or glass of vodka, whatever you're into. For me, it's 10:00 AM and I'm at work so I guess I've got to stick with my iced coffee) and come back, relax, and read.

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Have you ever had a "breakfast in bed" party? Just imagine how cute it would be! A group of your close friends, everybody in their pajamas (no birthday suits, please!), champagne and juice served in flutes, all kinds of breakfast foods served. I'm so determined to make this happen one day... in fact, I might organise something soon and write a blog post about it!

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You've had a long day at work, or running errands, or just generally feeling 'down'. Imagine coming home and curling up on this couch at dusk, with just soft sounds of nature surrounding you. Bliss.

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Vernazza. La Spezia, Liguria, northwestern Italy --- I got that off Google, because I didn't know where Vernazza was. And now, thanks to this picture, I really, really want to go there. I can't even explain why I love this picture so much, I just do. It's incredible. What I wouldn't give to live in one of those little apartments right opposite the water for a year.

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This house is just gorgeous. When I look at this photo I just can't help but imagine myself returning here after work every day - or better yet, working from home in a small and very nicely decorated office. Whenever I see lovely houses that I lust after, I always vow to myself to work hard enough that one day, one will be my own.

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So I haven't really talked much about myself in this blog, but one of my biggest dreams is to become a writer. I would love to sell my novels and have them sitting on my book shelf, as constant reminders that if you work hard at something, you can do it. However, lately I haven't had much time to write. I haven't written more than in a few pages in a few years, and it's getting me down. I need to start up again, and actually, a pretty good opportunity has come my way. A friend/relative (I can't remember... oops!) of my supervisor is looking for writers for his e-book website. I was inclined to turn it down, as he is looking for non-fiction and I find comfort and joy in writing fiction, but I've thought about it a little more and decided on a way I could make it work. I just need to get started, and this picture is a good little way of reminding me. 

I don't have a pinterest board for this. (Hehe.)

Thanks as always for reading.
Love, love, love.
- V&c


  1. I'd love to write too, I think thats what makes blogging so appealing, it's such a good platform to actually show your talent off

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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